Can You Clean An Egr Cooler

Can You Clean An EGR Cooler? What a great question and yes you can Clean An EGR Cooler. What happens over time your Diesel Engine Makes Deposits and Black Soot that plugs the passages of an EGR Cooler. It happens slowly so you don’t notice the difference in your truck’s Engine Performance. Now you can take the EGR Cooler off your engine and soak it in a solution and try to clean it that way, it is very time consuming and not efficient use of time. We have a machine that we can connect to the EGR Cooler and the Intake and put a chemical in that Cleans the EGR Cooler. This way we don’t need to take the EGR Cooler off your truck saving time and money for you. We can clean the EGR Coolers on most Diesel Pickup Trucks up to Class 8 Heavy Duty Trucks as well as some Construction and Off-Road Equipment. If you have any questions about whether we can clean the EGR Cooler on your Diesel Engine, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out. We can check your Engine over and give you a recommendation on whether we can Clean Your EGR Cooler or not.