Can You Drive A Prius With The Hybrid System Warning Light On

A system warning light indicates that there is a problem with the hybrid system of the vehicle, which could potentially impact the vehicle’s performance and safety, therefore it’s not recommended to drive any hybrid vehicle while the hybrid system warning light is illuminated. Continuing to drive your vehicle with the warning light on may also result in reduced fuel efficiency and potentially cause the vehicle to operate differently.


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When you see a warning light there is something that you can try. Reset the “hybrid system,” by turning off the car and removing the key from the slot and open the driver door and wait for the electrical system of your vehicle to fully shut down. If that doesn’t work, then ultimately is our recommendation to bring your vehicle in for an inspection and/or repairs to ensure the safety of your vehicle.




Hybrid battery testing is an essential step in the process of getting your hybrid vehicle repaired. If the test indicates a problem with your battery, further diagnostics might be needed to pinpoint the issue. Depending on the problem found, the vehicle might require repair, reconditioning, or even replacement. Bring your vehicle in to us, we will be more than happy to test your hybrid battery and the overall health of your vehicle.