Does My Car Need A Transmission Flush

Does My Car Need A Transmission Flush? This a great question and there are many misconceptions surrounding Does My Car Need A Transmission Flush. A “Transmission Fluid Flush” is a misunderstood service you can’t wait to do a Transmission Fluid Flush when your Transmission Is Slipping. The damage has been done already and changing the transmission oil will not fix the problem. A Transmission Fluid Flush is a maintenance service that should be done every 30,000 miles and takes special Equipment to get most of the fluid changed. If you take the pan off and drop the fluid out, you'll only get about 25% of the fluid out. The transmission fluid coming out of the Transmission should still look new and not look old and broke down. If you read your owner’s manual it may say that your transmission has a “Lifetime Fluid” in it. What’s a lifetime for your car’s transmission that depends on how you drive? Everyone’s driving style is different short trips and city driving is harder on your Transmission than doing long road trips. If you have a truck that you tow with regularly you may have to change it in shorter intervals the higher heat load will cause the transmission fluid to break down quicker. It’s a best practice to maintain the fluids in your car and change them on a regular schedule.