How Often Should You Change Your Oil

How Often Should You Change Your Oil? There are many different answers for the question depending on who you ask How Often Should You Change Your Oil. If you are using a conventional non synthetic oil the recommendation is 3,000 miles. Later model cars with a full synthetic oil depending on how you drive and if you are doing a lot of short trips, I would recommend Changing Your Engine Oil as early as 5,000 miles and no more than 7500 miles. There are some manufacturers who are recommending oil changes at 10,000 miles up to 20,000 miles. I don’t recommend doing this, all oil breaks down over time as it does it will form deposits inside your engine and start plugging the small passageways that allow oil to flow to the Variable Valve Timing Phasers as well as the Variable Valve Lift mechanisms inside the engine. My recommendation is to change the engine oil more often and that will help your engine run cleaner and not build up with deposits inside the engine. Changing Your Engine Oil is not hard if you want to do it yourself but if you take it to a professional to have it done, they can check your vehicle over and recommend any other repairs that maybe needed to keep you safe on the road. The next time you wonder Does My Car Need An Oil Change give us a call and we would be happy to you our recommendations.


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