Is Changing My Transmission Fluid Bad

Is Changing My Transmission Fluid Bad? There is a misconception that changing your vehicles Transmission Fluid is going to ruin your transmission. If you are changing your Transmission fluid because your Transmission Is Slipping or Shifting Hard it is possible that your Transmission may fail. Transmission Fluid should be changed as a regular maintenance item. Depending on your driving style and conditions it should be changed every 30-50,000 miles. If you drop the Transmission Pan to change the Transmission Fluid, you will only get about 25% of the old fluid out of the Transmission. You Need a Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine and that will change almost all the Fluid in the transmission. Also, we put a BG cleaner in the machine, and it will help clean the Transmission and recondition the seals and rubbers in the transmission. After the cleaner has run through the Transmission long enough it replaces the fluid and adds a BG Additive to the oil. Remember a transmission is a wearable item and the clutch packs wear out over time. Changing your Transmission Fluid helps keep the transmission cleaner. If you need your Transmission Fluid exchanged give us a call we have the equipment and special fittings that make it easy to get the job correctly as well as the BG products to help your transmission live longer.