Is It Better To Flush The Transmission During A Change

What Is The Difference Between A Transmission Change And Flush?

 A more traditional and less aggressive approach is a traditional Transmission Change, this includes the old transmission fluid to be drained, and new fluid is added. A transmission flush typically involves using a machine to pump new transmission fluid into the system while simultaneously flushing out the old fluid, and it may help clean the transmission and extend its lifespan, as it removes a higher percentage of the old fluid and all debris(contaminants).



How Much Does It Cost To Change Transmission Fluid?

 The cost of changing transmission fluid can change significantly based on several factors unique to your vehicle, including the make and model of vehicle, the type of transmission fluid needed, where you have the service done. On average, a transmission fluid change can cost anywhere from $75 to $250, and this includes the fluid/filter and the tools/labor required. If you opt in for a transmission flush, as it’s a more comprehensive service, making the cost typically higher than a general fluid change. We recommend you bring your vehicle in to us today, we can look into the specific situation, and give advice based on type and condition of the vehicle.


Is It Better To Flush The Transmission During A Change?

 When you’re considering the option of flushing your transmission fluid, it is recommended to factor things like the manufacturer recommendation, the maintenance history, and your vehicles’ age. For an older vehicle a fluid change may be a safer choice, as a flush could potentially dislodge debris and cause problems. However, a newer vehicle is recommended to flush the transmission to keep the vehicle at peak performance. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to whether a transmission flush or fluid change is better; this depends on your vehicle's specific circumstances. We recommend you bring in your vehicle today, we can diagnose the situation and give professional recommendations based on the needs of the vehicle.