Is My Turbo Failing

Is My Turbo Failing? There are many reasons why you may wonder if your Turbo is failing. One of the first things to check for are exhaust leaks from the manifolds and exhaust pipes the feed the turbos depending on the make and model of your Diesel Truck. All the Exhaust leaks must be fixed first before we can determine Is My Turbo Failing. The next thing to check for is Boost Leaks from the Charge Hose Connections or the Charge Air Cooler. If there are leaks, they need to be fixed next depending on the size of the leak it we may need to hook special test equipment the boost side of the turbo and pressurize the system to full boost pressure to be able to find the Boost Leaks. Once we have done the simple things such as fixing all the leaks then we need to hook the scan tool the vehicle. We do a full scan of the ECM and note all the codes see if any relate to Turbo Failing. We can then take it on a test drive and make sure the engine is fueling correctly for the amount of Turbo Boost that the engine needs to make power. As you can see a lot of things need to be checked to determine Is My Turbo Failing, Why Doesn’t My Turbo Build Boost or Does My Turbo Need Replaced. The Turbo Issue must be Diagnosed properly, or it can cost you a lot of many in replacement parts that you don’t need. If you have any of these questions or if the Turbo in your Truck is not Building Boost, properly give us a call and we would be happy to fix your truck for you.