Should I Do A Coolant Flush

Should I Do A Coolant Flush? Another question we get asked is How Often Should I Do A Coolant Flush? When you buy a new vehicle, it may say that it has long life coolant or Lifetime Coolant. There really is no such thing as Lifetime Coolant. Your driving habits and what you use the vehicle for may make it necessary to have a Coolant Exchange performed on your vehicle. Depending on how you use your vehicle it may need a Coolant Exchange between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. One of the reasons a Coolant Exchange needs done is over time rust and deposits can build up in a cooling system because of the different kinds of metals in the cooling system. These deposits can plug up the small passageways in the engine and radiator when this happens the cooling system loses efficiency. You can do it yourself by opening the drain on the radiator if it has one or by taking the lower radiator hose off which makes a big mess. Either way you still will not get all the coolant out of the vehicle. The best way to change the Engine Coolant in your vehicle is with a specialized machine. We use a BG Machine and a BG Coolant System Cleaner and pour that in the radiator then start the vehicle and get it up to operating temperature. We turn the vehicle off and hook a Coolant Exchange Machine to the vehicle and that pulls the old coolant out and puts new coolant in the vehicle. Makes for a much cleaner job with no mess. If you have a vehicle that needs a Coolant Exchange, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your vehicle’s needs.