What Causes My Check Engine Light To Flash

What Causes My Check Engine Light To Flash? There are quite a few reasons why your vehicle may have a Flashing Check Engine Light.  Something as simple as a bad Spark Plug could cause a Flashing Check Engine Light and your vehicle to have a What Causes My Car To Vibrate At An Idle. Even Though your Check Engine Light may be on or flashing and it has a code P0300 which comes on when the Engine Control Module detects a misfire. If it’s bad enough it will set another cylinder specific code, you still must diagnose why the Engine Is Misfiring. Depending on what is causing the Check Engine Light To Flash it can take very sophisticated test equipment to find the root cause of the problem. The best way to find the root cause of the problem is to use a lab scope with pressure transducers in the cylinder, intake, and exhaust. This is the only way to find sticking valves and lifters that intermittently collapse. If your vehicle has a Flashing Check Engine light or the Check Engine Light is on give us a call and we would be happy to diagnose your vehicles Check Engine Light.