Why Choose Widrick Truck & Diesel For Your Roadservice Call


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We specialize in trucks and diesel engines, offering a range of services, including emergency roadside assistance, truck repairs, and diesel engine maintenance. We also provide services for trucks, buses, and other large vehicles such as farm equipment.



A white truck parked next to a red and black craneDescription automatically generatedWhen our service truck arrives, our technician will assess the problem and perform on-site repairs whenever possible. This could involve fixing issues with the engine, brakes, transmission, or other components of the truck. We operate 24/7 since truck breakdowns can happen at any time, and prompt assistance is crucial to minimize disruptions in transportation and logistics.



Some reasons you would choose us for our reputation of exceptional customer service, with respect and courtesy, and our professionalism, we will make you feel valued and at ease during stressful breakdown situations.


Roadside Repair