Why Do My Tires Wear On The Inside

Why Do My Tires Wear On The Inside? This happens to a lot of vehicles from Automotive to Heavy Trucks. If you notice that Your Tires Are Wearing On The Inside it is a good idea to have the Suspension on your vehicle checked over and find out if the Ball Joints are worn or the King Pin Bushings are worn out in your commercial vehicle. When they wear out it allows the top of the tire to tip in and that is what wears the inside of the tire out and the rest of the tire is good yet. The fix for a light duty vehicle is to replace the Ball Joints and then do a Four Wheel Alignment. On a Heavy Vehicle you have to take the Steer Axle apart and Replace the Bushings and King Pins and do a Three Axle Alignment. If you hear a squeaking sound while your turning the steering wheel back and forth that is the Ball Joints or King Pin Bushings that are dry and will need to be replaced. Some Ball Joints can be greased others are sealed. It all depends on the application. If the Tires on your vehicle are wearing on the inside give us a call and we will be happy to check out the suspension on your vehicle and let you know what needs to be replaced.


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