Why Does My 6.0 Have An Oil Cooler

Why Does My 6.0 Have An Oil Cooler? Another Question we get is Where Is The Oil Cooler Located On A 6.0 Powerstroke? We will look at both questions as well as some other questions we get. First question Why Does My 6.0 Have An Oil Cooler the main reason it is there is because a diesel engine creates a lot of heat when it is working hard like pulling a loaded equipment trailer. The oil takes the heat away from the engine components and gets pushed through the Oil Cooler so that it can transfer the heat to coolant and then the Engine Coolant goes to the Radiator and from their heat gets transferred to the outside air and then begins the process all over again. This brings up an important point the Cooling System needs to be clean and have the proper coolant in the engine. The Oil Cooler has small passages for the coolant to run through id the cooling system is dirty or has rust in the system it will not be able to transfer heat properly. One of the first places that may start causing a problem is to the Turbo if the oil doesn’t get cooled properly then the Turbo can start to overheat causing a catastrophic Turbo Failure.  The Oil Cooler is located in the bottom of the engine valley, and it is prone to leaking because of where it is located and all the heat it has to absorb. The orings and gaskets can fail we have also seen the Oil Cooler housings crack from all the heat. If you are having problems with your 6.0 Powerstroke Oil Cooler or any other issue with your engine give us a call we can fix your 6.0 and have it running like new again.


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