Why Does My Air Conditioner not Blow Cold Air

Why does my car air conditioner not blow cold air? There are various reasons that can contribute to the Air Conditioner will not blow cold air. It is possible that the Air Conditioning System has a small leak in it and that will create a low refrigerant charge in the Air Conditioning System. One of symptoms of this is warm air blowing out of the vents. Another reason is Air Compressor Clutch may not be engaging. This can be caused by an Electrical Malfunction in the Air Conditioning System. If your Car Air Conditioner blows warm air the fix can be simple, or it may be very complicated. If this happens to your vehicle give us a call and let us look at your vehicle’s Air conditioning System. We test the Air Conditioning components and give you our recommendation for fixing your Air Conditioning System. We can handle all your Air Conditioning needs from Automotive to Heavy Duty Trucks and off-road Construction Equipment.


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