Why Does My Car Air Conditioner Not Blow Cold Air

Why does my car air conditioner not blow cold air? One of the main reasons your Car Air Conditioner may not Blow Cold Air is that the Air Conditioning System has a leak in the system. While you can buy a can of refrigerant and put it in the Air Conditioning System yourself it’s not the best way to fix your Car’s Air Conditioning System. Some of the do it yourselfer cans contain sealant in them, and that sealant can plug up the small passages in the Condenser, Evaporator, or the Metering Device. All these parts can be expensive to replace. It’s a best practice to take it to a professional Air Conditioning Shop to get the Air Conditioning System leak checked with special tools that can find the leak and fix the Air Conditioning System correctly. If your Car Air Conditioner Doesn’t Blow Cold Air Give us a Call and let us help you get your Car Air Conditioner working properly.