Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas

Why Does My Car smell Like Gas? There may be several possibilities that this may happen. Late Model car use a lot of sensors to control the amount of fuel that an injector sprays in a cylinder. If an OXYGEN SENSOR is failing and sending a low voltage signal to the Engine PCM it will think that it needs to add more fuel when it is already over fueling the engine. Another reason that a Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas can occur is leaking FUEL INJECTORS. The engine ECM is programmed for the Injectors to Be on for a set time and it also knows the fuel pressure and flow rate of the injectors. If the Fuel Injectors are leaking it will cause an over fuel condition that may be beyond the ability of the ECM to control. Everything on the engine and all the sensors must work together correctly to control the amount of fuel that the engine burns. The Engine ECM can correct for a certain amount of FUEL CONTROL problems. If you are Experiencing a “Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas” give us a call or stop in with your vehicle we would be happy to fix your car’s problem and get it running correctly again.


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