Why Does My Engine Shake

Why Does My Engine Shake? This is a question we get sometimes and there are many different things that can cause an engine to misfire and create a shake that you feel inside the vehicle while its idling or driving down the road. It doesn’t matter if the engine runs on gas and it’s in a car or if it runs on Diesel and it’s in a Commercial Vehicle. We’re going to only look at one reason and that is the Camshaft and the Lifters that make the valves move. The Camshaft has to be timed with the Crankshaft if it gets out of time it will cause the engine to run poorly and misfire causing the engine to shake and if its bad enough to shake the whole vehicle. Another thing that can go wrong with a Camshaft is the lobe that the lifter rides on can get worn down and wear the bottom of the lifter when it gets bad enough it will cause a Misfire. What happens is as the Camshaft Lobe and Lifter get worn it can’t open the valve the correct amount if it’s the Intake Lobe as it wears down it can’t open the Intake Valve quick enough and let enough air in the cylinder to run correctly. If it happens on the Exhaust Lobe and lifter when it gets bad enough it can’t get the exhaust gases out of the cylinder in time and this will also cause a misfire and the engine to shake. On a Diesel Engine when this happens to the Camshaft on the Exhaust lobe their will be a loud popping noise in the intake. If you notice that that vehicle has an unusual shake when its idling or driving down the road give us a call. We will be happy to check your vehicle over and let you know what’s going on with your engine.


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