Why Does My Truck Air Conditioner Freeze Up

Why Does My Truck Air Conditioner Freeze Up? There are several that your Truck Air Conditioner Can Freeze Up. One of the possibilities is to much moisture in the Air Conditioning System. In this instance what needs to be done is hook an AC Recovery Machine to the truck and recover the refrigerant. Then depending on the system, we would recommend a new AC Accumulator or an AC Receiver Drier assembly. Also, we would recommend replacement of the Orifice Tube or Expansion valve depending on system configuration.  Another possibility would be that the temperature sensors or the pressure switches are not working correctly and allow the AC Compressor to run all the time creating a freeze up condition. If your Truck Air Conditioner System is Freezing Up or Truck Air Conditioning System Is Not Blowing Cold Air. Bring your Truck to us so can Diagnose Your Truck AC System.