Why Does My Truck Blow White Smoke

Why Does My Truck Blow White Smoke? There are several reasons for Why Does My Truck Blow White Smoke that can make this happen. One of the reasons that we will talk about is a Failed EGR Cooler. What can happen over time is that the EGR Cooler can get plugged so bad that it cracks it by creating hotspots in the EGR Cooler. The EGR Cooler needs to be able to flow exhaust through the whole EGR Cooler not just around the outside edges. The carbon from the exhaust will plug the center of the EGR cooler making it lose its cooling capacity. Which in turn creates the hot spots when its under load and working. What you will notice on the first start of the day is that your truck will Blow White Smoke on startup and then clear up after several minutes. This is an indication of Can My EGR Cooler Leak. The only fix for a Leaking EGR Cooler is to replace it with a New EGR Cooler. I would also recommend a Coolant Exchange at this time. If you have any questions about your EGR Cooler or your experiencing Why Does My Truck Blow White Smoke give us a call or check us out online we would be happy to help.