Why Is An Oil Change So Important

Why Is An Oil Change So Important? This is a question we get asked. Late model vehicles have a lot of new engine technology that older vehicles don’t have such as Turbo Charged, Variable Valve Timing Variable Valve Lift and the list goes on. Also, many new vehicles have GDI engines which have a High-Pressure Fuel Pump that uses a lobe on the camshaft to run the pump. All these technologies rely on a quality Oil and Filter Change. The way you drive your vehicle and the driving conditions all have an effect on the life of the Oil. When oil get to the end of its life it will start breaking down its not able to lubricate the engine as well. If you don’t change your often enough (I recommend changing your oil every 5000 to 7500 miles) it can start accelerating the wear on the timing chains, cam lobes, also the bearings in Turbo if your Vehicle has one. All these repairs can be very expensive and many of these things can be prevented if you maintain your vehicle correctly. All of this brings up another question Why Is An Oil Change So Expensive? Late model vehicles need a full Synthetic Oil and a quality Oil Filter and the amount of oil that an engine holds in the oil pan has gone up. This all makes the Oil Change more expensive but a Quality Oil and Filter Change along with a good Preventative Maintenance Program will be cheaper in the end. If you have a late model vehicle and you see an offer for a low-price oil and filter change it is probably not the best thing for your vehicle. Remember Oil is the life blood of your vehicle the better the quality of the Oil and Filter the better and keeping it changed regularly is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. If you are looking for an Oil Change Service on your vehicle give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your vehicles needs and make sure we are offering you the best service for your money.


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