Why Is My Allison Transmission In Limp Mode

Why Is My Allison Transmission In Limp Mode? Allison Transmission’s are one of the best automatic transmissions made. They are in the Chevy Duramax as well as many Medium and Heavy-Duty truck. If your Allison Transmission goes into to Limp Mode, this is the way the Allison TCM protects the Transmission. If Your Allison Transmission Overheats or starts slipping it will put it in Limp Mode to protect itself from self-destructing. Electrical faults such as Pressure Sensors or a Temperature Sensor that has failed and tells the Allison TCM it’s overheating when its not is another reason for Why Is My Allison Transmission In Limp Mode. What we find most times when a truck comes in and the Allison Transmission is in Limp Mode are wires that are rubbed through or the pins in the connector are corroded and need to be replaced. If you have a truck with an Allison Transmission that you are having problems with, give us a call. We have the Allison Doc Software that we use to diagnose the Allison Transmission.  We can give you our recommendation to fix the transmission and get it out of Limp Mode.