Why Is My Diesel Blowing White Smoke

Why Does My Diesel Blow White Smoke? There are several possibilities that this can happen. One of the things to pay attention too when your Diesel Truck Blows White Smoke is the color. If it’s white that will be caused by coolant leaking into a cylinder. If the smoke color is bluish white and burns your eyes this is caused by excess fuel in a cylinder. We will look at the reasons for White Smoke first. A leaking Cylinder Head Gasket could be a cause of this. Pay attention to how long the White Smoke lasts. If it’s gone in a couple minutes the head gasket is leaking when the engine is cold, then when you start your Diesel Engine it will Blow White Smoke and be gone in a couple minutes. This is a symptom of a Head Gasket that is failing and will need replaced. Another possibility of Why Does My Diesel Blow White Smoke is a cracked EGR Cooler on later model Diesel Engines. These things need to be checked first. These are the smaller thing that if you get fixed right away may keep you from needing an Engine Rebuild. Worse case scenario your Diesel Engine may have a pitted sleeve allowing coolant into the cylinder. When this happens The Diesel Engine will need to be rebuilt. If your Diesel Engine is blowing a Bluish White smoke that is a sign that the engine is not able to burn the fuel properly and there are quite a few possibilities, why this may happen. If you are experiencing a Why Does My Diesel Blow White Smoke give us a call and the Team at Widrick Truck & Diesel Service will be happy to help you get your Diesel Engine running correctly again.