Does My Car Have A Cabin Air Filter

Does My Car Have A Cabin Air Filter? This is a great question most late model cars have a “CABIN AIR FILTER”. The cabin air filter is in car’s HVAC system to filter the air that comes through the Heater Core or AC Evaporator to keep them from getting plugged. The side benefit is that it also filters the air that you breathe in. If you are driving down a dusty road you would be breathing in that fine dust that’s in the air if your car didn’t have a Cabin Air Filter. Another thing that happens is mice love to build nests on top of the Cabin Air Filter. If you never check your Cabin air filter or have your Mechanic Near Me, check and replace it. You won’t Know how plugged and dirty is unless you get it checked over. It’s always a great idea to replace or have your Cabin Air Filter checked as Regular Maintenance. If you are experiencing a bad smell in your car when the heat or AC is on this is one of the first things, you want to check. If a mouse has built a nest or there is mold on the evaporator, we can clean the HVAC system using BG products leaving your car smelling fresh and clean again. If you want to have your Cabin Air Filter checked out give us a call and we would be happy to help you. 


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