How To Tell if Your Driveshaft is Bad

A faulty Driveshaft can significantly impact both the performance and safety of your vehicle. Identifying Signs Of A Failing Driveshaft is crucial for maintaining your vehicle’s overall health. One of the most common indications of Driveshaft problems is difficulty shifting gears, which can be accompanied by grinding noises. Another question we get asked is What Does A Bad Driveshaft Sound Like? If you notice clanking or banging sounds when putting vehicle in gear it may indicate worn or damaged universal joints, which are an essential component of the Driveshaft system. Another indication of How To Tell If Your Driveshaft Is Bad, is when cruising down the road you feel a vibration, and it goes away when you let off of the gas can be indicative of failing input shaft bearings or U-joints.  By being vigilant and proactive, you can avoid serious issues and keep your vehicle running smoothly. If you notice or hear any of these above conditions, give us a call and we are more than happy to check the Driveshaft in your vehicle.


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