What Can I Do To Get Better Gas Mileage

What Can I Do To Get Better Gas Mileage? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this question. Something as simple as your TIRES not having the proper air pressure in them can contribute to poor Fuel Mileage. Another easy thing to have your shop check is the Wheel Alignment on your vehicle. Not only does this help you save money on gas, but it also helps Tire Wear on your car and tires will last longer. If the Check Engine Light is on in your vehicle this can also contribute to poor Gas Mileage. When your Check Engine Light comes on it’s best to get it checked out. It may be simple things such as broken vacuum lines to the intake. When this happens the Mass Air Flow Sensor can’t read the correct amount of air flowing into your engine. When this happens the PCM uses other sensors to correct the amount of fuel it adds to the engine. If you feel that your car is Getting Bad Gas Mileage, give us a call and we can check your vehicle over and give you recommendations to help you get better Gas Mileage.


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